Pianoforall Review – Can Pianoforall Really Teach You To Play Piano?

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Following is our Pianoforall Review.  If you are looking for Robin Hall’s official Pianoforall site please click the link below.

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Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall Review



The first time I ran across Robin’s pianoforall site was through a friend.  They sent me a link to pianoforall site.  I found this rather odd since I already know how to play piano after taking lessons for many years starting as a child up until I was into my early teens.

I did however take a look at the course and did find it rather intriguing.  Robin seems to have a knack through this course to make learning to play piano rather enjoyable.  This was quite evident through the many testimonials found on the site.

So anyway following is our Pianoforall Review!

Pianoforall Review – What is it?

Pianoforall is a very in depth course that teaches an individual how to play piano.  It consists of 10 ebooks which are accompanied by audio and video files to better explain the lesson.  From the very beginning Pianoforall sets itself apart from standard teaching by teaching by ear.  In my day of learning you learned to read music first and you played scales for hours and hours.  Boring!  In this course you actually start playing real songs first thing.

As you learn to play you are also learning how to read music.  This will come in handy when you get to the eighth ebook which is all about learning to read piano sheet music.  The next ebook puts all of that into practice through various exercises and scales.

Throughout the 10 ebooks you will find approximately 500 audio files and 200 video files.  This added material really enhances the learning material.

Pianoforall Review – What I Liked

The one thing that really stood out about Pianoforall was the ease that people had in actually learning how to play the piano.  It is presented in a way that takes you step by step from easy to hard on such a slight incline you do not even realize how much you have learned.  Also the whole time you are actually playing the piano.   By playing right from the beginning this course definitely keeps your interest and encourages you to keep learning in a very subtle way.  And learn you do at a very quick pace.  At a very quick pace you are able to learn different types of music including classical music.


Pianoforall Review – What I Didn’t Like

Well I searched high and low to dig up some negative remarks about Pianoforall and I did come up with a couple.  Some people complained that the music being taught is all traditional songs and melodies.  Other people thought that Robin could have been a bit more enthusiastic when he was doing demonstration.  The last negative feedback I found was that the product was not available offline.

Pianoforall Review – Overall Thoughts

I was really impressed with Pianoforall.  All the material is presented in such a way that it keeps the students full attention.  I think by seeing results as quickly as you do with this program is one of the reasons so many people enjoy it.  Having the videos of Robin demonstrating certain sections is like having a teacher coming into your home.  And that is another great feature about Pianoforall – you can learn in the comfort of your own home!  Another plus about this program is that it does teach all types of music such as classical and jazz to mention a couple.  So if you are itching to tinkle the “Old Ivories” get started today!

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Online Piano Lesson – Can That Really Teach Me To Play?

Sometimes when we are growing up we do not have the opportunity to pursue things that we may enjoy such as playing piano.  It may be because it is expensive and our parents cannot afford it or it may just not be easily available. Nowadays an online piano lesson is readily available for anyone who wishes to learn how to play the piano.

Will taking  an online piano lesson really be the way to learn how to play piano or should I seek out an instructor to really learn how to play?

Well that question really depends on you.  First of all are you at an age where being a musician could possibly be a career choice for you?  I know

online piano lesson

online piano lesson

many young people today have visions of being a member of a band and playing all over the world.  Maybe your vision is a bit different where you may see yourself at Carnegie Hall playing in front of a very large audience on a Grand Piano.

These two scenarios will require more than what an online piano lesson have to offer.  To follow these career paths an instructor may be better for you.

On the other hand you may be of the age where you are approaching retirement and want to take up a new hobby.  You may have always had a desire to play the piano but never had the opportunity while growing up.  An online piano lesson could be the perfect way for you to follow up on your desire to learn piano.

The great thing about an online piano lesson is you can learn at your own pace, you do not need to travel anywhere to take your piano lessons and the lessons are relatively inexpensive.

An online piano lesson is not going to be teaching you much theory.  They basically will teach you how to play songs the fastest way possible which usually means you will be learning a lot about chords.  You will not be spending hours practicing scales, which by the way does help with your fingering when playing piano.

An online piano lesson is designed to help a person start to play in the fastest possible time.  After all you do not want to spend hours on scales and theory when that is really not your interest.  Your interest is basically to learn as quickly as possible how to play the piano.  You are doing this for the enjoyment not as a possible career choice.

So can taking an online piano lesson help you learn?  I would have to say yes.  All that is required for you to learn how to play is to put some work and effort into the online piano lesson and you will be surprised at how fast you will be playing some of your favourite tunes.  To learn more about an online piano lesson you should check out Pianoforall.


Imagine – This could be you in the very near future.



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Online Piano Lesson – Pros versus Cons

There are many advantages to taking an online piano lesson in comparison to taking lessons from a music teacher.  The obvious advantage is it is a lot cheaper than taking weekly lessons.  Usually the only cost involved with an online piano lesson is the cost of the program that you download from the internet.

online piano lesson

online piano lesson

Another advantage of an online piano lesson is you can set your own schedule.  When you are taking music lessons from a teacher you will have to adjust to their schedule which may not always coincide with your own.  Being able to sit in front of your piano any time that you want and follow a lesson from the course you have purchased is much more convenient than trying to adjust to someone else’s schedule.

Sometimes you can get someone to come to your house to give you a piano lesson however that is not the norm, most times you will need to travel to where the music teacher is to take a lesson.  Now if you live close that would be great but usually that is not the case.  By learning through an online piano lesson, in the comfort of your own home, there is no need for you to travel to the teacher.  This not only save you the cost of transportation but also if you live in a place that has four seasons you could become housebound just by the weather.  In that case you probably will miss your lesson, however if you are learning through an online piano lesson and you become snowbound you have all kinds of time to practice.

Some people can be somewhat shy when they start something new.  Taking piano lessons from a teacher who makes you feel uncomfortable will probably just end up with you quitting.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a teacher that you are comfortable with.  That being the case you may never get started with lessons.  You do not run into this problem when you take an online piano lesson.  It is just you, your computer and your piano.

So we have talked about all the advantages of an online piano lesson, is there any disadvantages?

There is one major drawback to taking an online piano lesson as compared to having a live teacher guiding you and that is feedback.

With a music teacher you know immediately what you are doing wrong and what you can do to correct it.  Also if you are doing well it is nice to have our egos stroked and be told we are doing well.

To get around that you could tape your training sessions and have a friend, who plays piano, take a look and maybe offer some advice.

With that being the only disadvantage, I think taking an online piano lesson is the way to go for novices and people who want to brush up on their skills.

For more information concerning an online piano lesson check out Pianoforall.

Online Piano Lesson – Finding The Right Online Piano Lesson

Finding where to take your first online piano lesson can be the start to a very enjoyable hobby.  Also by taking an online piano lesson it will let you know if the piano is really for you.  Many people who have a desire to play music their first choice is often the piano.  Since the piano is not as portable as a guitar or other musical instruments it is a good idea to first get a feel for piano music to see if it is all that you think it is.  That is why it is important to find the right online piano lesson.

online piano lesson

online piano lesson

When searching for an online piano lesson you need to have a list of things to look for.  First you definitely want to know if the site offering the lessons is reputable.  Has this site received good reviews?  Have a lot of people used this site?  Are there testimonials on the site?  Are these testimonials from real people and have they had good success by taking an online piano lesson from this site?

Another thing to be on the lookout for is whether or not you are able to learn at  your own pace.  Taking an online piano lesson can be so much more enjoyable when it is easy to learn and you are not rushed.  Since each lesson is like a building block you want to make sure you have grasped the full concept of the lesson before you move on.

Years ago in order to learn how to play piano or any musical instrument for that matter online courses were not available.  Taking an online piano lesson is great for people who lead busy lives.  You can take your lesson in the comfort of your own home and when you want to.  You may be a person who works shifts so getting home at 2 in the morning may be the time for you to unwind and practice your online piano lesson.  Many people who play music find playing to be quite a stress reliever.

Another advantage in taking that online piano lesson is you do not need to look for a music teacher.  Music teachers are good but they usually only schedule their lesson during normal work hours which would be 9 to 5.  There may be evening lessons, but by taking your lessons online you do not need to worry about being late for a lesson since you are not on any schedule to take an online piano lesson.

Many online courses like Pianoforall offer a money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.  So if you really want to start learning how to play piano and fulfill that lifetime dream, you can start today.  Take your first online piano lesson at Pianoforall.